I hope, All of you have participated in fancy dress competitions once in your life. A fancy dress competition is a competition among participants where they get dressed like their idols or like anyone from history, stories or a profession. To participate in these competitions most of you buy the required dresses from some store. But as you know the cost of these dresses are pretty high and these dresses are of no use once the competition ends. So, Buying a dress that will not be worn again is not a good idea.

We ‚ÄúSanskriti Fancy dresses‚ÄĚ have a solution for you that is not only cost effective but will also prove beneficial to you. We provide two options to our customers for fancy dresses and accessories. You can either buy the dress or you can rent it. Rented dresses need to be returned while the dresses you have bought are all yours. We have been working in this field since a very long time and we will be very glad to tell you more about us.

We are one of the most popular name in Delhi-NCR for providing fancy costumes and accessories. Sanskriti Fancy Dress Noida is a perfect place for Renting and buying costumes. We started our work as a small firm in Delhi and expanded it to the entire DELHI NCR region. The main reason of our success lies with our founder Sapna Kumari as she had worked very hard and produced behind perfection dresses. It is the result of her hard work that we are now happily proud family of more than 30 schools, colleges, corporates, and event productions from PAN India following us every day and counting, who love our work and totally adore them from their bottom heart.

Sapna Kumari, our Founder had been nationally accredited for different cultural activities, won awards 11 times in a row and many more on her showcase reel for state level competitions. She had been a Professional dance teacher for mostly 10 years now being recognized by leading industry associations for her beautiful work profile and humbleness. Her experience of different culture activities will surely help you in selecting the right dress for the right event.

Fancy dresses, costumes, fashion accessories for any relevant event happening In Delhi- NCR circuit, WE ARE HERE for all your needs. We specialize in dealing with bulk Costume Renting orders, Clothing Accessories,  tailoring for various School functions; Annual functions, Fancy Dress competitions, State-wise functions, State-Wise festivals, College fest and Corporates. We have our own production, so it takes only a week to fulfill all your needs.

We have an experienced in house production team of fancy dress designers, Who specialize in crafting the finest dresses with minor details. Their efforts and ideas will be visible in each dress for every special moment they are designed for, with minor detailing by our tailoring hands; who possess industry experience of more than 20 years in Delhi‚ÄĒNCR specialising only in fancy dresses; which our eyes could experience to a later stage through their hard work.

Sanskriti fancy dresses make it sure that the products should be best in quality and to make it happen, Our products are designed under high supervision by experts constantly caring about skin issues. We try our best to maintain the hygiene and provide you the cleanest dresses and this is also our first priority. Our second priority is the perfect fits. A dress which doesn’t fit good to the person who is wearing it, will make him/her look bad and we do not want this to happen. That is why we try our best to give you perfect fits.

We‚Äėve sourced a wide assortment ot fabrics so that you can choose as per your choice and what‚Äės right for you. Touch and feel the choices by ordering our Fancy Dresses and fashion accessories.

We have a wide collection of dresses that you can rent or buy for representing your favourite character from Mahabharata, Ramayan; Cartoon channel; Freedom Fighter you idealize, Fruit you enjoy eating; Birds you love or Flowers you smell. The dress will not only represent you as your ideal but it will also tell about your personality. The relationship between you and your ideal is represented through your dress. if this beautiful relationship ls taking its first step then why should not we preserve them through perfect costumes in affordable prices?

You can always call Sankriti Fancy Dresses to discuss the plans together. Another good news includes DOORSTEP delivery for anyone inside 10km radius from us.

What are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity to engage with the most diverse, successful, and vibrant community that our founder Sapna Kumari has built. Her ideas will surely help you creating and executing an event to remember Always.

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