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Culture is an integral part of every Indian. We all try to manifest our sense of culture and tradition in some form or the other. One such way is by arranging or participating in a fancy dress competition.Also known as, Go as You Like, this event is very popular among kids, as they get an opportunity to dress like someone they idolize. The character they represent can be anyone from history, a famous character from a story or someone belonging to a daily profession. The most important value they get to nurture from this event is the enhancement of their knowledge about this character. The schools often organize drama recitals or other performances as well which prompt the children to don different kinds of costumes and a fancy dress. A huge variety of costumes and dresses are needed for fancy dress competition,as well as these events.

We, at Sanskriti, would like to introduce ourselves as the suppliers of the dresses as well as the accessories, needed for these events. Now, how would this be helpful to you? Buying these apparels and other accessories is often an expensive thing to do. Also, once the competition s over, the dresses are of no use. The parents often consider this as a useless investment and may ask his or her child to shirk away from such a wonderful learning opportunity. We have put an end to this dilemma by supplying these costumes and other accessories. The parents can buy them and if buying is not feasible, they can even get them on rent. We have interesting costume ideas for both fancy dress for girls,as well as, fancy dress for boys.

Our expertise in this domain, for many years, has made us a sought-after name in the Delhi-NCR region. Our success can be attributed to the tutelage of our founder, Sapna Kumari, who is a recipient of several national awards. She has been a professional dance teacher and her contributions in the field of dance and culture has made us what we are today. We are associated with more than 30 schools, colleges and universities, besides being a partner of various corporate houses for their events. Her experience pertaining to a plethora of culture all over the country, make us the successful suppliers of various kinds of fancy dress costumes.Not only this, we are also capable of helping the organizers with fancy dress ideas,of unique appeal.

When you think of fancy dress kidsor fancy dress competition for kids,you can trust us blindly. If you are in need of fancy dresses, fashion accessories, costumes or any other thing related to a fancy dress competition,you need not worry any more. For any such event in the Delhi-NCR region, you can believe in us for catering to all your needs. When you start thinking about fancy dress ideas for kids,you will definitely find a friend in us, Sanskriti fancy dresses. Who else will provide an option to you, of both buying and renting the dresses?

Our specialities cater to every kind of bulk requirement like renting orders, clothing accessories, tailoring for events and a lot more. Are you the owner of a school? Are you worried about fancy dress ideas for kids?If you are thinking, where to find a fancy dress shop near me,just think of us. We are there for annual functions, school functions, state-level functions, state-level festivals, college fests, corporate events and lot more.

We are the leaders in our domain because of the following reasons:

·        We are the manufacturers of dresses and accessories, so we need just a week’s time to fulfil your needs.

·        Our experience of more than a decade helps us to be ready with any kind of need you might have.

·        We have the materials needed for any kind of fancy dress competition.

·        Our in-house team of fancy dress designers, help you to craft the impeccable pieces of costumes and accessories so that the wearer can fit into the character with much conviction.

·        The attention we pay to the details, in crafting out the best fancy dress costumes,make the event even more special.

·        Our tailors are backed with an experience of more than twenty years.

·        The apparels and accessories manufactured by us, are crafted by keeping the best interests of the wearers in mind. We pay utmost importance to the hygiene of the participants so that they do not suffer from any skin issues. We provide the cleanest of dresses.

·        Also keeping in mind, the need for a perfectly fitting dress for the participants, we ensure that they are designed with the best measurements. Some other names in the market, having the same business like ours, do not have the provision to alter the size of the dress, as per the requirement. We, on the other hand, provide enough margins for changes to be made.

·        We dedicate ourselves to the business so much that we cater to the individual needs of the children, depending on their size, to avoid any last-minute chances of alteration or confusion. We also take the onus of distributing the clothes to the children so that every student gets the dress of their own size. So, you can well imagine, how efficiently you can carry out the annual function or any other event in the school.

·        Our choice of fabrics also makes you spoilt for choices. A wide assortment of fabrics, allows you to choose exactly what you want. We never compromise with the quality of the fabric used. You will have no chance to complain while you wear our dresses and costumes.

·        We boast of providing you with customized requirements. You want a special costume to be made and the market is not offering that to you? Do not worry, just send us the Google link of the image and get the costume delivered.

·        We have partnered with many courier organizations, which makes sure that the dresses and accessories get delivered to the places just on time. While it takes maximum 4-5 days for Indian cities, the materials reach abroad within just 10-20 days of time.

W have special facilities for schools, universities and organizations located in North Indian states like Punjab, Delhi-NCR, Haryana etc. Our team specially visits the institutions, takes the measurements and every other pain to make the event a grand success.

Are you running short of ideas for the next play you will be conducting? Are you not sure of the props you have to use in the next drama recital? You can rely on us for helping you with ideas, stories, characterizations and props and stay at ease.

In short, you can be anything and anyone, with our dresses and accessories. Be it the flower you like, the fruit you love eating, the doctor you want to portray or the Mahabharata character you want to dress up as, believe in Sanskriti fancy dresses to help you dress like them.



Are you looking for a fancy dress for boysor a fancy dress for girls?Are you interested to participate in a college event, portraying your favourite character from a mythological story? Do not worry, as we supply every kind of fancy dress costume,as well as, fancy dressfor every kind of event or competition. We have various kinds of fancy dress ideasto help you with your needs. Our fancy dress kids ideaswill help your children to excel in any kind of fancy dresscompetition. If you are planning to hold an event but have no idea as to how you should go about it, you can always call us for some of the best concepts.

We help you with all kinds of costumes and accessories that you might need for your fancy dress competitions.We also have doorstep delivery of all the materials within a distance of ten kilometres from us. A brainchild of Sapna Kumari, Sanskriti Fancy Dresses help you to produce a vibrant and multicultural show.