Janmashtami Dress for Kids

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Janmashtami is celebrated in India and abroad with great enthusiasm and
passion. It is the birthday of Lord Shri Krishna and is celebrated differently in
almost all the states of the country. The birth place of Lord Krishna was
Mathura is all decorated and dramas called Ras Leela is organised by the
community people. Mathura and Vrindavan are the places where people from
across the world gather to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami. States like
Maharashtra follow the tradition known as Dahi Handi in which a clay pot filled
with buttermilk is placed at great height and the young men or boys make a
human pyramid to break the clay pot.

One of the key feature of this festival is to celebrate it with the kids, which is
now being done at schools and colleges. Now a day’s people used to dress up
their child in the attire of Krishna or Radha and click photographs of it. Schools
organised fancy dress competition on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami. It
is also a kind of activity which is being done by the parents to motivate the
child of learning new things and making them aware about our traditions and
rich culture.

Janmashtami Dress for Kids

For Boys:

Yellow Dhoti- Boys can dress up like Lord Krishna, the attire constitutes a yellow dhoti which is made up silk fabric. There are several sizes available with us, apart from this if you wish to make things easier you can go for readymade dhoti in which there is no need for draping.

Crown: Crown is one of the most important accessories in Krishna Costume. Here you can get beautiful ornamental light weighted crown (head gear or mukut). The crown is made up of cardboard decorated with golden glace paper, artificial pearls and colourful stones, the crown also has a peacock feather attached to it. The crown can be tied with the thread attached to it on the back of the forehead. 

Jewellery: The jewellery comes under the accessories section which includes long pearl necklace, baaju band, anklet, kangans, earrings, etc. We have artificial flower (Jasmine and Marigold) garlands which enhance the look of the costume.

Flute: Again the most important significant musical instrument used by Lord Krishna. A wooden decorated flute is provided by us, which will enhance and complete the look of the Kanha or Krishna’s costume.

For Girls:

Lehenga: Girls used to be Radha and the attire provided by us is the complete Lehenga dress. It could be Lehenga Choli or Ghaghra Choli as per the wish of the parents or the students herself. People can also buy Rajasthani style cotton ghaghra.

Jewellery: Here  the jewellery includes pearl or artificial gold necklace, anklets, bangles, arm bands, crown, artificial flowers garlands, etc, all these things makes the Gopi or Radha looks more beautiful.

Things to keep in mind while buying/renting dresses for your child

  • The dresses must be comfortable and sweat absorbing as Janmashtami falls in the month of August which is a monsoon season.
  • Don’t do over make up of the child as it may irritate them.
  • Jewellery must be light weighted and skin friendly.
  • The accessories must not have the sharp edged or pin pointed as it may hurt the child/person wearing it.


How can kids dress on Janmashtami?

Kids dressed as Krishna, Radha, Gopi or Sudama on the occasion of

How do you dress up a child on Janmashtami?

I would use Kurta and Dhoti which is yellow in colour with contrast to
other colours. With all these I would use accessories for Krishna and
Lehenga for Radha.

What should girls wear on Janmashtami?

Girls should wear Lehenga and choli or Ghaghra choli on occasion of

Which colour dress should we wear on Janmashtami?

People usually wear yellow or red colour dress on janmashtami.

What is Lord Krishna usually dress?

Lord Krishna wear dhoti and a stawl of yellow colour.

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